Denmark’s brilliant way to check sanitiser hoarding

Coronavirus has caused an environment of fear and panic, resulting in the hoarding of essential items like face masks and hand sanitisers. In order to tackle the problem of hoarding, a supermarket in Denmark has resorted to a creative solution.

With an aim of ensuring that everyone gets sanitizers at a reasonable price, the Rotunden supermarket is charging 40 DKK for a bottle of sanitiser. But if someone wants to buy two bottles, they will have to pay 1000 DKK.

Apart from this genius price trick, the supermarket is taking other measures to fight coronavirus.

It has pasted a note in and outside the shop asking people to maintain a distance and use sanitizers before entering the supermarket. It has urged customers, who come with family members to send just one person into the shop for purchasing goods.

A user has shared the information regarding the supermarket’s new move on Twitter.

Users reacting to the tweet praised the wonderful idea.