Deliveroo’s April fool prank on thousands of customers backfires

Thousands of customers of a delivery platform received fake bills for hundreds of euros’ worth of pizza as an April fool’s prank, but it backfired.

Deliveroo sent customers confirmation emails for orders totalling over €450.

Many took to social media to express anger at the stunt. Then the company informed its customers via Twitter and email that it had not been serious.

“We confirm that it was an April Fool’s joke,” the clarification read. “You can enjoy the evening by ordering the pizza of your choice.”

One angry tweet read: “Almost had a stroke after receiving a €466 invoice for 38 pizzas that I never ordered”.

Many recipients said they panicked and tried to call their banks to block any payment.

The fake invoices included the customer’s first name at the top of the message, preceded by the words “Excellent choice”. Deliveroo added that as a loyalty reward, 50 sachets of hot sauce were being thrown in for free.