Delhi Police use force against students protesting fee hike

Hundreds students from the Jawaharlal University (JNU) took to the streets to march towards the Indian parliament, which opened for the Winter Session on Monday demanding a total rollback of the hostel fee hike.

Police allegedly baton-charged and stopped them at many places, and detained them as well.

These students were agitating for three weeks within the university’s premises, and decided to hit the streets only after the vice-chancellor failed to heed to their demands.

Carrying placards and chanting slogans, they walked towards the Parliament about their demand. But hundreds of police personnel stopped the students and some of them were forcefully stopped from moving ahead.

Several leading the agitation were were detained by the police when they insisted on marching forward.

The police later tried to strike a dialogue with the protesting students, which failed. The police closed entry and exit points of three Delhi metro stations near Parliament temporarily.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development appointed a three-member committee to recommend ways to restore normal functioning of JNU. The committee will initiate dialogue with the students and varsity administration immediately and submit recommendations on actions to be taken.

Many protesters asserted that they would not relent until the government withdraws the fee-hike.