Delhi man kills friend to marry his wife

The Delhi police on Tuesday arrested a man, who was desperate to marry the wife of his friend, after he allegedly hit him with a brick and left him unconscious on a railway track in Delhi.

The accused Gulkesh, on the intervening night of 24th-25th June called his friend Dalbir, 30, and took him to the railway track near Zakhira and hit him on the head with a brick, rendering him unconscious.

Later, the accused threw the body of the Dalbir on the railway track so that it could be cut into pieces, the police statement said.

After committing the crime, Gulkesh called the police and alleged that the body of an acquaintance of his was lying on the railway track near Prem Nagar Phatak, Rama Road.

During preliminary investigation, Gulkesh made all possible efforts to mislead the police.

“During interrogation, his mobile phone was checked and on the basis of call records, he broke down and disclosed that he had illicit relation with the wife of the deceased. He wanted to marry Pooja (name changed) the wife of deceased, but the wife of the deceased was not willing to marry with him although she also liked him. Therefore, in order to get married with the wife of the deceased, he hatched a conspiracy to eliminate the deceased,” the police release said.

The police is investigating the role of Dalbir’s wife or any other people in the case.

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