Delhi man admits to spying for Pakistan’s ISI

The Rajasthan Police have arrested a 42 year old man from Delhi on Monday for allegedly spying for Pakistan’s spy intelligence agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

The man Mohammed Parvez was already arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) for anti-national activities and was in judicial custody since 2017. He was brought to Jaipur on Monday for interrogation, following which the state police arrested him.

Mohammed Parvez allegedly honey trapped Indian Army soldiers through fake identity and collected confidential and strategic information and passed it Pakistans ISI. In return ISI provided him financial support.

During questioning Pervez revealed that he was in contact with ISI handlers and had travelled to Pakistan “17 times in the last 18 years,” Additional Director General (Intelligence) Umesh Mishra revealed to the media.

He added that the ISI gave all necessary support for passing over the confidential information.

Parvez was presented before a Jaipur court, that sent him to a four day police custody.