Deepika Padukone joins protesting students at JNU

Actor Deepika Padukone visited Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on Tuesday, two days after a masked mob attacked students and teachers on the campus.

The attack left over 30 injured provoking nationwide outrage.

Even though Deepika did not make a speech at the university, her physical presence among students and injured president of the students’ union Aishe Ghosh spoke for itself.

She entered the university around 7:30 pm, attended a public meeting for around 15 minutes and left after speaking to a few members of the students’ union privately.

Former student leader Kanhaiya Kumar was also present.

Deepika’s visit triggered nerves of ruling BJP office bearers, who called for the boycott of Deepika’s upcoming movie Chhapaak which is set to release this Friday.