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Debt ridden man attempts to kidnap two sisters with toy gun for ransom

A twenty-four-year-old man attempted to kidnap two sisters by threatening them with a toy gun, on Saturday.

The failed crime took place in the Indian city of Nagpur. The man was identified as Roshan Khandekar, news agency PTI reported.

The suspect threatened the girls in Dharampeth area but fled after the siblings raised an alarm. He later surrendered in Dhantoli, an Ambazari police station official said.

“The two girls were seated in their car to leave after shopping when Khandekar entered the car and threatened them with a gun, which we later found was a toy. He wanted the two to go with him, but when they started shouting, he ran away,” an official was quoted by PTI.

The police informed that the CCTV surveillance footage in the vicinity helped police zero in on Khandekar’s motorcycle. He had used the number plate of a mini-truck owned by his father Vinod, police said as per PTI.

Khandekar has told police he had debts of INR₹ 250,000 and was planning to kidnap the girls for ransom, the official said.