Deadly Storm Hits Philippines – 60 Killed

A deadly storm called ‘Usman’ swept through the Philippines over the weekend. The heavy rains caused massive flooding and landslides.

The tropical storm claimed 68 lives, injured 12 and close to 19 people were still reported missing. The storm affected 1,30,000 people in the regions of Bicol and Eastern Visayas.

Infrastructure of power lines were disrupted creating a blackout in most regions. The flooding was declared as a natural calamity in order for the region to receive emergency funding and quick resources.

Thousands of travelers were left stranded at airports, seaports and bus terminals after several domestic flights and ferry services were canceled.

Local people were seen wading through flood waters trying to assess damage, looking for their kin.

Philippines is highly prone to storms, cyclones and typhoons. In 2018 Philippines battled a Typhoon Mangkhut where the wind speeds touched 275 kph, wrecking northern Philippines, killing 100 people.

The worst storm hit Philippines in 2013, a Super Typhoon Yolanda killed more than 6,000 people and displaced nearly 4 million.