Day 50: Rescue Operations continue for Trapped Meghalaya Miners

Rescue operations to recover remains of the trapped miners in the 370 foot deep rat hole mine continue in Meghalaya. Two bodies were spotted, but only one could be recovered and handed over to the family.

A multi-agency team is working since the 13th of December to recover 15 miners. The Indian army had joint the operations on Tuesday. Close to 200 rescue personnel are on site National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Navy, Odisha Fire Service and other state agencies.

Close to 15 miners trapped themselves in a the rat hole mine in East Jaintia  Hills on the 13th of December after a nearby water body flooded the mine. Although several agencies joined in rescue operations right at the initial days, it took great amount of time to move resources and heavy equipment in the region.

Due to the delay in rescue operations the Supreme Court stepped in. Since then the Supreme Court is monitoring the rescue operations on a weekly basis.

The owner of the mine was arrested but his associates are still on the run.