Daughter approaches family court after father cheats her in a game of Ludo

A 24-year-old woman approached a family court in Bhopal to file a complaint about her father for cheating her in a game of Ludo.

The woman lost respect for her father, hated him and even wanted to snap all ties with him as he went on to defeat her. After the game, she didn’t even want to call him a “father”.

The woman claimed she trusted her father so much that she didn’t expect him to ‘cheat’.

The situation for the woman aggravated in such a way that she had to take four sessions by a counsellor post the incident.

Sarita, a counsellor at Bhopal Family Court, said that a 24-year-old woman had reached her a few days back. The woman had told her that she was playing Ludo with her father and siblings when her father killed one of her tokens in the game.

The woman further told Sarita that she could not believe her father could do this to her when he promises her all the happiness in the world. She started believing that there was no relationship between her and her father after the incident, Sarita said.

“The woman said she lost respect for her father as he went on to defeat her. She felt that her father should have lost in the game for the sake of her happiness,” ANI quoted Sarita as saying.

She further said: “We have conducted four counselling sessions with her. After four counselling sessions. She now feels positive.”