Cyril Ramaphosa takes oath as South Africa’s President

Cyril Ramaphosa was sworn in as the President of South African on Saturday for five years. After taking oath of office he said that a “new era” has begun for South Africans.

“It is time for us to make the future we yearn for … it is through our actions now that we will determine our destiny. The challenges our country faces are huge and real. But they are not insurmountable. They can be solved. And I stand here today saying they are going to be solved,” Ramaphosa said to a 30,000 strong crowd that gathered to attend his swearing in ceremony.

Ramaphosa’s African National Congress Party won victorious with 57.5% of the votes. However, this was the lowest vote percentage since the end racist apartheid regime in 1994.

Many voters were alienated by repeated corruption scandals during the administration of the former president, Jacob Zuma, who was ousted by Ramaphosa last year.

The president was elected to solve the unemployment problems that remains high currently, the economy dipped into recession and there have been rolling national power outages underlining the poor state of national infrastructure. Violence and crime is a on a serious rise.

Ramaphosa was seen as a face to clean up ANC’s reputation after corruption scandals and misgovernance. Former president Zuma denied any wrong doings, and also stayed away from the inauguration today.

Cyril Ramaphosa won the elections with many aspirations of the people, and was given a chance to get the nation out of the economic mess.