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Customs find two kilogram gold taped within shoes

Russian customs officers detained a woman at the Chinese border with nearly two kilogrammes of gold in her shoes after she appeared to be walking strangely.

The Russian was detained at a customs post in eastern Siberia after officials noticed that she “was nervous and acted in a suspicious manner”.

A search led to the discovery of eight pieces of gold weighing a total of nearly 1.9 kilogrammes (4.2 pounds).

Marina Boiko, a spokeswoman for the regional customs authorities said, “The young woman unnaturally placed one foot in front of the other .. the ingots had been attached to the insoles of her shoes with duct tape.”

The bars have been made illegally and lacked the necessary documents. Authorities opened a criminal case, saying the woman tried to smuggle out the gold at the request of a Chinese citizen.

Since the beginning of the year officials have repeatedly detained Russians trying to smuggle gold into China.

In August, a Russian woman was caught carrying 10 gold ingots in her trainers.

Gold panning is widespread in Siberia. At least 17 people were killed during a dam collapse at an artisanal gold mine in Siberia last month.