Customers blow up ATM at Chinese Eatery in Philadelphia but escape empty handed

Thieves blew up an ATM in a Chinese takeout restaurant in Philadelphia, US, while the establishment was still open but were unable to get any cash, police said.

Three men entered the Golden Chinese/American takeout restaurant in northwest Philadelphia on Friday  and ordered food, police said. They then placed some kind of explosive device which damaged the ATM and the window and knocked items off shelves behind the counter, police said.

The three went back into the establishment but were unable to remove the cash box that was still inside the damaged ATM, police said. The three then fled, one on a bicycle and the other two on foot.

This is not the first time an unusual ATM heist has gone viral.

In a “heist” clip that went viral in Idnia earlier in May a monkey was found to have ransacked an ATM in New Delhi. When cops found the ransacked ATM with parts of the machine broken, they scanned CCTV footage to check in case robbers were involved. What they find, however, was a monkey causing mischief inside the ATM and even breaking the CCTV camera.

After a few restless moments spent in the confines of the ATM kiosk, the monkey goes ahead and takes a much-needed breather. It then casually climbs the machine, tampers the display part of it and starts inspecting it. Realising it had spent considerable time inside, the monkey can be seen cheekily opening the door and exiting the ATM for good.