Cuba: Hurricane Agatha brings heavy rain and floods, at least two killed in Havana

Hurricane Agatha brought heavy rain and floods to the Caribbean island of Cuba killing at least two people in capital Havana.

The Cuban weather service said the downpours would last until Saturday afternoon, bringing more than 20cm of rain to some places.

Western and central areas of the country, including Havana, are the worst affected.

Hurricane Agatha hit Mexico last Monday, killing nine people.

Nearly 2,000 people have evacuated their homes in Havana, and around 50,000 people in and around the city are without electricity.

Evacuation centres have been prepared to shelter people from the rain, the state-affiliated Cuban News Agency reported.

The storm is the remnant of Hurricane Agatha, which hit Mexico’s west coast last week killing nine people. It was the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the country during the month of May.

The weather system has now moved north-east towards the Gulf of Mexico, and is likely to become the first named tropical storm of the season. It is expected to bring heavy rain to the US state of Florida.

Cuba is no stranger to hurricanes, but climate change has increased the intensity and frequency of the powerful storms.