Crows attack man everyday since three years after death of crow chick

A man from Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri is being chased by a “crow army” for three years now.

Shiva Kewat, the man carries a stick along with him all the time to protect himself from crow attacks that wait for him to come outside his home. His mistake was that he tried to rescue a crow chick.

Kewat’s misery started three years ago when he found a crow chick stuck in a net and rushed to rescue it. The baby crow died in his hands and there was not much he could to do revive it.

“It died in my hands. If only I could explain it to them, I was only trying to help,” Kewat told TOI while looking up at the skies and bracing for the fleet of swooping crows.

Ever since the death of the chick three years ago, the crow families in the neighbourhood have identified Kewat and they seem to be in no mood to forgive him although he says it was not his fault.

In all these years when Kewat steps outside his house crows come swooping down to poke and bite him all over his body and head. The daily ordeal has become a source of entertainment for his neighbours.

Kewat has several injury marks on his hands and head. He now just hopes for these crows to forgive him after all these years.

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