Crowd funding sourced bail money for cop charged with murder of George Floyd

Thomas Lane, one of the four police officers who were charged over the death of George Floyd, has been released from jail after an online campaign crowdfunded his bail.

The Star Tribune reported the fundraiser website managed to raise $750,000. The portal termed the amount disproportionately high and said Lane did best to save the life of Floyd. The entire crowdfunding was done through PayPal (Online payment app).

Overwhelmed by the online contributions, the website said, “Lane and his family appreciate your support and prayers during this time.” Soon after Lane was released from the prison, the portal was taken down.

The report further added that Lane’s attorney Earl Gray said the portal was a legitimate one. But he refused to divulge the total amount of money, saying he was not aware of how much money the website raised on his client’s behalf. Gray also said he didn’t have an idea who was behind the whole effort.

Talking about Lane’s location, Gray said his client is currently with his wife in an undisclosed location because of safety concerns.

In the next hearing, scheduled to take place on June 29, Lane’s attorney is contemplating filing a motion to dismiss the charges.

“Now we can watch what happens next from outside. We will bring a motion to dismiss and hopefully it will be granted,” he said of the fired officer’s next court hearing on June 29,” said Gray.