Crowd catches two kids as they jump from burning apartment in France

A crowd of people saved two children from an apartment fire, catching them as they jumped from the burning building.

The rescue of the brothers, aged 3 and 10, happened on 21st July 2020 and was captured in remarkable video footage from a nearby building in Grenoble, southeastern France.

In the footage, one child is first dropped into the crowd, while thick black smoke billows from the flat.

The other boy then sits on the ledge for several seconds as neighbors wave him down. The child leaps forward and is again caught by the crowd.

Locals were praised by Grenoble’s mayor, who called the rescue “heroic.”

An inquiry into potential negligence has been launched against the boys’ parents by authorities in the region, BFM reported.

The children were alone in the apartment because their mother had gone grocery shopping and their father had left for work, state prosecutor Éric Vaillant said, according to BFM.

“The mother had been absent from around 11:00am when she went grocery shopping and the dad had left for work around 11:30am At first glance, the mum should have returned before the departure of the husband but was a bit late. The children were not allowed to be left alone,” added Vaillant.

Samples were taken by investigators to determine the origins of the fire, which took place in the living room, BFM reported. A total of 14 people were intoxicated by smoke fumes and two firefighters were mildly injured.