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Cricket Fans Slam ICC After Super Over Rules Declare England World Cup Winners

England registered their first men’s Cricket World Cup win after they defeated New Zealand in the finals in a bizarre fashion at Lord’s Cricket Grounds on Sunday.

New Zealand and England finished at the exactly same total in their 50 over quota forcing the game into a super over. Sadly, in the super over again, their scores tied. Eventually the winners were decided by the team who hit more boundaries during the match.

England hit 26, while New Zealand hit 17. England were crowned world champions.

However, social media users were astonished. Fans supporting Williamson’s unit called the “outrageous” rules of the ICC “robbed” New Zealand of the cup.

Many users were wondering  as to why ICC did not take the wickets picked up by the respective teams into consideration instead.

Below are a few reactions :-

Super Over Rules:

1. The team batting second in the main match will bat first in the Super Over.

2. The loss of two wickets in the Super Over ends the team’s Super Over innings.

3. The team scoring the most runs in the Super Over shall be declared the winner.

4. In the event of the teams having scored the same number of runs in  the Super Over:

a. The team whose batsmen hit the most number of boundaries (fours and sixes) combined from its two innings in the main match and the Super Over shall be the winner.

b) If the total number of boundaries hit by both teams is equal, the team whose batsmen score the most number of boundaries (fours and sixes) in its innings in the main match (ignoring the Super Over) will be the winner.

c) If still equal, a count-back from the final ball of the Super Over shall be conducted.  The team with the higher scoring delivery shall be the winner.  If a team loses two wickets during its Super Over, then any unbowled deliveries will be counted as dot balls.   Note that for this purpose, the runs scored from a delivery is defined as the total team runs scored since the completion of the previous legitimate ball, i.e including any runs resulting from wides, no ball or penalty runs.

d) If still equal, the Super Over shall be declared a tie.

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