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Create voters ID in less than 15 days

The elections are nearing in and you might want to get your name enrolled in the voters list. The method listed is specially for the people from Karnataka, it’s tried and tested.

The rest of India  please fill the form 6 in the NVSP portal. I connected with a few people who use this portal, only a few received voters id and many didn’t. One of the applicants voters ID was stuck since December 2017. This method of applying is not very effective.

However for the people from Karnataka who don’t have their voters ID or require any change should use this portal

Steps to be followed in the portal —

1.If you are a new user, you might want to register first with a valid mobile number and an email id.

2.Once you have registered yourself login, fill the form 6 (for new applicants), upload picture, relevant proofs for address and identity. Once completed, submit the form or follow the procedure here.

3.Up on submission of the form within the next week you need to meet your  booth level officer in your area and submit the hard copy of your identity/address.

4.The booth level officer usually is found in the the municipal office in your locality. Bangalore applicants can find their booth level officer at the BBMP office in their area. Some good booth level officers also make phone calls to applicants, and guide them.

5. After you have submitted the hard copy of your proofs, and once the officer completes verification from their side, the process concludes.

It could then take about 10 days for your name to reflect in the voters list. You can verify the same on the portal.

But please remember it will take close to 3 months for the hard copy to arrive.

Meanwhile you can still cast your vote, but note the part number, serial number and carry an alternate original ID proof to the polling station while casting your vote.