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Covid skeptic Elon Musk is concerned why Taliban are not wearing masks

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, SpaceX boss, and serial-meme poster on Twitter, put out a hot take, nobody else seems to have thought of: Why aren’t The Taliban wearing masks?

Most of the photos of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan had one thing missing: Face masks. Elon Musk, picked up on just this. Tweeting a photo of the Taliban without masks. In another tweet he added: “Do they even know about the delta variant!?”

While Musk’s concern is perhaps justified, there are two things wrong with it: Firstly, Afghanistan and the Taliban are a literal war which has started a humanitarian crisis, where people are fleeing for their lives, the threat of the pandemic is perhaps not very high on their list.

The second problem is that Musk himself has not been the poster boy of precariousness in the pandemic. If anything, he has been the opposite: the posterboy of not following Covid-19 appropriate behaviour.

Starting right from May 2020 last year when US’s Covid-19 cases started surging, Elon Musk resumed production at a vehicle factory in California, defying an order to stay closed and saying if anyone had to be arrested it should be him.

The move came after states and cities around the United States experimented with ways to safely reopen their economies after the coronavirus outbreak shuttered businesses and forced tens of millions of Americans out of work.