Court awards woman €23,000 as compensation for being left out at office pizza parties

A woman who was working at a car dealership in the United Kingdom was recently awarded €23,000 in compensation for being deliberately and regularly excluded from office pizza parties.

Office parties were a usual occurrence at this Ford dealership called ‘Hartwell’ where Malgorzata Lewicka worked. The staff was asked for their takeaway orders for the small office parties and it would range from burgers to pizzas and other usual snacks. However, Lewicka was deliberately victimized and left out of these parties by the staffer.

She said that she was left out of these social gatherings and parties in events that unravelled after she accused staff members of gender discrimination.

In 2018, she filed a complaint about her pay, working hours and allegations of gender discrimination. Following the investigation, the tribunal stated that the staff members had committed this misconduct and gave a written warning.

Even after the tribunal’s warning, the woman wasn’t treated well. Her phone calls would be ignored and other staff members would not speak to her and she was deliberately left out of the office parties that happened every Friday.

Then in January 2019, she was made redundant after the company informed her that the work she did would have to be done full time.

An employment judge named Jennifer Bartlett ruled the Ford dealership discriminatory. It awarded €23,000 in compensation to Lewicka for injury to feelings and loss of earnings.