Couple to remarry as ‘bride and bride’ after groom comes out as transgender on honeymoon

Graphic designer Jake Harvey and photographer Jae Gray met each other on MySpace in 2007.

The couple dated for around 11 years before getting married in 2018 in Texas, United States.

However, when both of them were on their honeymoon, Jake surprised Jae by coming out as a transgender.

Jae welcomed this transition with an open heart, and now the couple is even planning a re-wedding as ‘bride and bride’, the Daily Mirror reported.

Jake, who is now Rayna, spent €45,000 for the medical procedures which involved orchiectomy, breast augmentation and facial surgery.

Despite the high cost, Rayna said the change is “worth every penny”.

Looking back at her past, 33-year-old Rayna said she “suppressed” her feelings since she was 11, but felt “liberated” after coming out to Jae during their honeymoon.

On their re-wedding plans, Jae believes that she felt a “disconnect” when the couple thinks about their first marriage ceremony due to Rayna’s long-held secret.

Jay further said that more than anything, she wants to see Rayna walk down the aisle. The 30-year-old photographer said she had her day during the first wedding, and now she wants Rayna to have that opportunity.

The couple is planning to remarry next September and has planned the wedding theme according to Rayna’s transition.

“We’re both going to be wearing beautiful black dresses for an all black and white theme,” Rayna said.