Couple live-streams into own wedding amid coronavirus fears

As the coronavirus infections continue to rise, wedding celebrations are taking a hit. However, one such wedding went ahead without the bride and groom.

Singapore couple Joseph Yew and his wife Kang Ting returned from a trip to China just days before their wedding.

When guests expressed concerns about attending, the couple found a way to allay their fears.

The bride and groom stayed away, instead live streaming themselves into a venue full of friends and family.

The wedding couple made their toasts and their speeches entirely over the video call, to the amusement of their guests seated in the wedding hall.

The coronavirus has killed 550 people in China and has spread to about two dozen countries.

Singapore has reported 28 cases of the infection so far – making it the country with the second highest number of confirmed cases of the virus outside China after Japan.

“We wanted to postpone the wedding but the hotel was not willing to. They said everything had been arranged and it was non-negotiable. So we felt like we had no choice but to proceed with the wedding,” Joseph Yew said.

The couple decided they would not attend the wedding to allay their guests’ fears.

“We told the guests we would video conference in… some of them were shocked,” he said. “I think if we had been there, the atmosphere would be different. People would have been wary.

“My parents were not [happy about it] at first but they eventually agreed.”

The hotel also delivered champagne to the couple. They popped the cork in their room after giving their celebratory toasts and speeches, which was all live-streamed for guests at the wedding.