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Coronavirus vaccine developed for animals by Russia shows positive signs during trials

A coronavirus vaccine developed in Russia has shown some positive signs as it’s being tested on animals.

According to the Veterinary and Life journal of the Russian federal veterinary and phytosanitary watchdog – Rosselkhoznadzor, the vaccine developed in Russia to prevent the spread of coronavirus in animals has shown no side effects during its trials.

However, the vaccine designed for animals vulnerable to Covid-19 virus such as cats, dogs, minks and its effects are still under study.

Russia started developing the vaccine for animals in early summer. The vaccine will be recommended to fur farms and other animal husbandry units where they are bred in large numbers.

Ilya Chyala, the deputy director for research and monitoring at the Russian Federal Center for Animal Health, said, no side effects or complications were noticed and during the 70 days period of observation, which also indicates the absence of reactogenicity of the vaccines, as reported by Sputnik News.

According to Chyla, lab animals were given a booster shot within 21 days of getting the first dose, as it helps in forming full immunity. As there have been numerous reports of pets contracting the Coronavirus in various parts of the world, pets especially cats and dogs have been found infected with the virus following human contact with known or suspected to be infected with the disease.

Russia has also registered for two vaccines to curb the Coronavirus in humans, besides the one for animals. One named ‘Sputnik V’ was registered in August and the second vaccine named ‘EpiVacCorona’ was registered in early October.

Experts believe that any vaccine should not be rushed, and mass produced as it will have an adverse and irreparable damage on humans and animals alike.