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Coronavirus positive couple married for 51 years die six minutes apart

Septuagenarians Stuart and Adrian Baker had been married for 51 years and neither had any severe health conditions. It was not until March 2020 that the couple started to feel sick with symptoms of coronavirus. On Sunday, March 29, both died six minutes apart.

The heartbreaking news was shared by the couple’s son Buddy Baker in an emotional video on Twitter. Boynton Beach, Florida retirees Stuart, 72 and Adrian, 70, started feeling ill about three weeks ago and went to the doctor who sent them home. When their symptoms did not improve, doctors recommended the couple go to a hospital. But the latter also sent thee couple home and asked them to self-quarantine till the time the symptoms resided.

That did not happen, however, and by March 19, Stuart who had a fever and asthma was admitted to the hospital. Since Adrian did not have a fever, she was again sent home for self-quarantine. As doctors commenced treatment, Stuart’s oxygen levels dropped and soon after, he was tested positive for COVID-19 on March 24. Upon testing on the same day, it was confirmed that Adrian too had the virus. Doctors informed Buddy that both of them had severely low oxygen levels and would not make it.

Baker, who is an NFL agent and CEO of Exclusive Sports Group, told CNN in an interview that one didn’t really realise the severity of a situation until it happened to them. “Until it touches you or touches somebody you know or you hear a story, you kind of feel removed from it,” he said, adding that he hoped his parents’ death did not go in vain.

“While the CDC and all the other authorities make suggestions for what we do, I don’t think many people people understand the importance,” Buddy said in the video. He further encouraged people to follow precautions such as social isolation in order to fight coronavirus.

Taking to Twitter, Buddy shared the account with the world and told everyone they had remained hopeful till the very end. “In loving memory of my mom and dad – please make the tough and right choice and help stop the spreading of this virus,” he wrote.

The video came amid rising number of deaths due to coronavirus. US is facing its potentially the most fatal week ahead with President Donald Trump warning of “a lot of deaths” in the coming week as the pandemic is expected to peak. The global death tally due to coronavirus has crossed 65,000 with 1.2 million active cases.