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Coronavirus Pandemic: Why social distancing is important NOW

People across the world are being encouraged to practice self-isolation and social distancing to contain the spread of the highly-infectious novel coronavirus.

In USA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Sunday recommended against gatherings of 50 people or more over the next two months.

Schools, colleges, night clubs, gyms, swimming pools, malls and cinema halls are shutting down around the world amid the fear.

While some have called these measures extreme, a video going viral online explains the importance of social distancing in the times of coronavirus.

According to Today, the animated video was created by husband and wife artist team. It shows a row of matches catching fire until one ‘steps out’ of the queue and prevents the fire from spreading any further.

“Do your part and stay home. It’s all we can do,” artist Juan Delcan, who directed the 3D clip, wrote on Twitter.

Valentina Izaguirre, designed and styled the set for the video, told Today that she and her partner wanted to reach out to youngsters through the video.

“We wanted to reach younger people who are not taking this seriously,” the 48-year-old explained. “One of the most touching messages we received, was from a kid who said our visual helped him to realize the severity of the situation.”