Coronavirus myths on chicken spikes the sales of jackfruits

The rapidly spreading coronavirus has reached over 100 countries. Governments across the world are working round the clock to contain the spread. The epidemic has also triggered a wave of rumours and created several myths.

One such rumour is whether eating meat should be avoided to prevent Coronavirus from spreading. Although it is a myth and there is no such risk of eating meat during these days, the sales of mutton and chicken have rapidly declined.

To burst such myths, the poultry market organized Chicken fairs. One such fair was conducted in Gorakhpur.

“In fact, we gave away plateful of chicken dishes for Rs. 30 to encourage people to savour the delicacies. We cooked one thousand kilograms of chicken for the Mela and the entire stock was sold out,” said Vineet Singh, head of the Poultry Farm Association.

The fair, however, did not do much to dispel the fears about chicken, mutton or fish consumption amid the virus outbreak. Although doctors and nutritionists are repeatedly suggesting that eating meat is perfectly safe, such myths still continue to thrive on public fear of Coronavirus.

The meat-eaters, however, are searching for a viable alternative such as jackfruit.

The price of jackfruit has skyrocketed over the past few days thanks to the Coronavirus scare in various parts of India.

According to an IANS report, the vegetable is now selling at Rs. 120 per kg, which is an increase of over 120% over the regular price of Rs. 50 per kg. Chicken prices, in fact, have slumped to just Rs. 80 per kg due to decreased demand.

Biryani, which is usually a meat-based rice dish, is now being prepared with jackfruit rather than chicken or mutton.

The demand for high-demand for jackfruit is so high now, that it gets sold out in many vegetable markets in minutes.