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Coronavirus is the ‘manifestation of a deity’ to punish non-vegetarians

Coronavirus may have wreaked havoc across the world prompting the scientific community to hard-pressed finding an antidote to it, but Hindu Mahasabha – a political organisation in India who claim to be the guardians of the Hindu religion – sees it as an ‘avatar’ (manifestation of a deity) to punish non-vegetarians.

“Corona is not a virus, but avatar for the protection of poor creatures. They have come to give the message of death and punishment to the one who eats them,” said Swami Chakrapani, the National President of All India Hindu Mahasabha.

Believe it or not, he drew an analogy with Lord Narsingh taking an avatar to kill a demon with that of Chinese being “taught a lesson” of not “torturing animals and turning vegetarian”.

Bizarre it may sound, but Swami Chakrapani went on to claim that there’s a way out of this health epidemic, for the Chinese.

According to him, the Chinese president Xi Jinping should “create an idol of Corona and seek forgiveness” and all non-vegetarian Chinese populace “pledge of not harming any innocent creatures in future, then the anger if Corona will come down”.

In a further embarrassing statement, he added, if Chinese follow his prescription, the “avatar” will “return to its world”.

The Hindu Mahasabha Chief, however, assured Indians of not being wary of the deadly virus, notwithstanding three people are already detected with the deadly disease in India. According to him, “God worshipping and Gau Raksha (cow protector) believer Indians” are immune to coronavirus.

Animal rights advocacy group Peta has connected the virus to certain animals. “Experts theorise that the outbreak might have originated in a market in Wuhan, China, where humans have direct contact with live animals and animal flesh,” it had stated.

But the epic twist, quite literally, the Hindu Mahasabha gave to that theory, has left many shocked.