Coronavirus infections surpass 1.5 million cases in Brazil

Brazil surpassed 1.5 million coronavirus cases on Friday, adding 41,988 in the last 24 hours. The total coronavirus cases in Brazil now stands at 1,543,341 as per worldometers.

On Friday Brazil posted the highest deaths around the world, 1,264 died taking the total death toll count to 63,254.

Since the start of the pandemic over 11.19 million coronavirus infections were reported with 529,197 deaths.

Meanwhile, right wing president Jair Bolsonaro approved a law obliging use of masks on streets and in public transport to prevent virus infections except in places such as churches, schools, shops and factories.

Bolsonaro also vetoed a move that may have forced governments to provide masks to vulnerable groups and commercial establishments to provide masks to their employees.

In his defence Bolsonaro claimed that forcing masks violated peoples property rights.

Since the start of the pandemic Bolsonaro advocated against lockdown, social distancing and facemasks. In an unimaginable comparison he said “just because people die in car accidents we don’t stop making cars”.

Bolsonaro himself rarely covers his face in public. A court had to step in between to order him to wear a face mask and pay penalty for defying the mandatory mask law.

Many Brazilian cities have started lifting restrictions even as COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to surge. Rio de Janeiro Brazil’s hardest-hit cities has begin to ease restrictions after the curve declined slightly. Gyms and bars were allowed to reopen with 50 percent capacity.

With the openings Brazil hopes to jumpstart its economy after nearly two months of lockdown due to the pandemic.