Coronavirus infected mother gives birth to premature son while put in induced coma

36-year-old Diana Angola who contracted coronavirus was put in coma to give birth as her lungs were barely able to cope.

Doctors performed a caesarian section on her as she gave birth to Jefferson, born 14 weeks prematurely.

The surgery was performed at the Versalles clinic in the southeastern city of Cali in Colombia.

Angola was rushed to the hospital with high fever on May 15.

On May 18 she was put in an induced coma until the surgery.

Due to her pregnancy she was made to sit up at a 45 degree angle, while normally are people are laid down flat.

Jefferson, though premature, was born without the coronavirus.

Now Angola is doing much better and waiting to be discharged to be with her son.

South America has become the newest epicentre of the pandemic. Colombia specifically has over 102,000 cases with over 3,450 deaths.