Coronavirus death toll in Italy spikes to 366 and 7,375 confirmed cases

The number of people to have died from the coronavirus in Italy has shot up by 133 in a day to 366, officials say.

The total number of infections leapt 25% to 7,375 from 5,883, according to the Civil Protection agency.

The jump in figures comes as millions adapt to new measures introduced on Sunday in an attempt to contain the outbreak.

Up to 16 million people in Lombardy and 14 provinces need special permission to travel under new quarantine rules.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte also announced the closure of schools, gyms, museums, nightclubs and other venues across the whole country.

The radical measures will last until 3 April.

The latest figures mean Italy now has the highest number of confirmed infections outside of China, where the outbreak originated in December.

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