Copenhagen Zoo killed three wolves to make space for a children’s playground temporarily

In Denmark’s Copenhagen Zoo, three wolves were killed to acquire their space for other purposes. Staff members of the zoo informed that the wolves were in the zoo since the 1980s and had lived there for almost four decades before they were killed.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the wolf enclosure will be used as a playground for children temporarily. It will eventually be combined into a common area for elephants and antelope.

Commenting on the move, Mads Frost Bertelsen, director of the Copenhagen Zoo, said that the wolf enclosure facility was not of any use to them and that is why it had to be closed in order to create a modern area. “Since we couldn’t put the zoo’s three male wolves anywhere else, we had to kill them,” he said.

Not only three wolves but also brown bears in the zoo will disappear to make way for polar bears, which are more popular, the report says.

This is not the first time that animals in Denmark’s Copenhagen Zoo have been killed to make way for newer facilities or animals.

In 2019, a white Rhino was also killed by the zoo authorities after it had a disease called superficial nectolytic dermatitis. The skin condition attacked the face, mouth and nostrils of the white rhino who was named Kurt.

Due to the presence of ulcers, Kurt could not eat food and had lost 880 lbs in three weeks. The animal was killed ‘for his own well-being.’

In 2014 as well, a giraffe was killed in the Copenhagen zoo because its genes did not add diversity to the zoo population.

Another incident that had sparked outrage was the killing of two lions and their cubs in a Danish zoo in 2014.

It was done in order to make space for a male lion and the reason given at that time was that the new lion would have killed the cubs and that they were not old enough to feed themselves.