Insane Social Media Reactions

Cop rescues three puppies from snake-infested well

Social media is praising an  Uttar Pradesh Police official who climbed down a snake-infested well to rescue three puppies. The cop stepped up to save the puppies after others at the scene, fearing the snakes, refused to go down the well.

According to a Twitter post by ‘Call 112’ – an Uttar Pradesh Police handle dedicated to emergency services for immediate assistance – the incident took place in Amroha.

Their post, written in Hindi, explained that three puppies fell into a well in the town. While locals gathered around the well, they refused to climb down as it was infested with snakes. On seeing this, the police official decided to climb down the well to rescue the puppies.

A picture shared with the tweet shows the police official climbing out from the well and handing a small black puppy over to a colleague.

The post received hundreds of comments in praise for the cop.