Cop comes under fire for paining coronavirus graffiti on a white police horse

In Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool district, a sub-inspector by the name of Maruti Sankar was seen riding a white police horse that had been painted with coronavirus graffiti using pink paint.

The cop has come under fire for painting a police horse to spread awareness about coronavirus.

Speaking to news agency IANS, Sankar said he had been inspired by PM Modi to paint the horse. He said that using the horse was a symbolic move, adding, “The villagers would understand if I say that if they are not careful, coronavirus will spread faster than a horse can gallop. The red spots on the white horse depict the coronavirus”.

AP Police’s move to paint the horse, however, seemed to miss its mark as instead of lauding the cop’s efforts, many on social media slammed him for ill-treating the animal.

Animal lovers pointed out that the paint was probably not good for the horse’s health. Some even suggested that the cop should have painted himself instead of the animal.

As the coronavirus cases are increasing day-by-day cops have taken to the extreme to ensure citizens follow the 21-day lockdown implemented by the government to fight the pandemic.

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