Consumption of white bread can lead to permanent brain damage and disability: STUDY finds

Bread has been the staple food around the world since millennia because of its convenience, portability and a form of nutrition with taste.

Now a new study suggests that the consumption of white bread can leady to dizzy spells, clumsiness, loss of balance and falls.

A group of doctors have concluded that such difficulties are induced due to a common reaction to gluten, which is a protein found in bread, pasta and cereal. The condition is known as ‘gluten ataxia’ occurs when the immune system goes into a tizzy in response to gluten in the food and induces a panic attack or a threatening reaction.

In most of the cases, patients can suffer stroke-like symptoms which makes it difficult for them to operate simple functions such as talking, walking. In some cases, it may even cause paralysis.

While it may be often mistaken for other conditions, effective treatment such a gluten free diet often works, however, the underlying issue if left untreated can lead to permanent brain damage and can also lead to permanent disability.

Meanwhile, neurologists at the Sheffield NHS Teaching Hospital have developed an effective way to identify the symptoms. They have devised a simple blood test that can offer the diagnosis within minutes. The tests look for proteins in the blood released by the affected person’s immune system after they have consumed food containing gluten.

The affected person can then switch to a gluten-free diet which may halt symptoms and reverse physical brain damage in most of the cases. The gluten related illness gluten ataxia is now closely linked to coeliac disease, that affects at least 600,000 of the UK’s population.

They suffer from painful inflammation in the gut and are 16 times more likely than healthy individuals to develop gluten ataxia. But health experts are of the opinion that people who suffer gluten ataxia may not experience any gut related symptoms.

Doctors and health experts say it is crucial that patients suffering from gluten ataxia should not cut out gluten from their diet without consulting a doctor first. As it may lead to false negative test results.