Conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren accidentally calls Donald Trump an idiot

American conservative political commentator and former television host Tomi Lahren may have accidently called US President Donald Trump an idiot in Hindi.

“President Trump is wise like an owl, or as you say in Hindi, wise like an ullu,” she said translating the phrase into an insult.

In popular perception “ullu”, the Hindi word for owl, has come to be associated with someone who’s an idiot or not very bright.

The video, which has been widely shared, has amused social media users.

Ms Lahren recorded the video on Tuesday and uploaded it on to her social media channels. However, it now appears to have been deleted, and she has not said anything on the issue since.

The video is being seen as an attempt to woo Indian-origin voters in the US, with the presidential elections scheduled for 3 November this year.
People of Indian origin, about 4.5 million of whom live in the US, are a growing political force in the country.

Most of them have usually voted for the Democrats. In 2016, only 16% of Indian Americans voted for Mr Trump, according to the National Asian American Survey.

In Hinduism the owl is depicted as the carrier of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Many believe that the bird is associated with the divine.

The bird stands of for stealth and wisdom, but in common parlance, owls are associated with foolishness or idiocy.

Lahren rose to prominence during the 2016 US election for her provocative and energetic online political monologues.
She has millions of followers on Facebook and her videos often go viral.