Congress’s Siddaramaiah Caught On Camera Slapping Man At Mysuru Airport

In a shocking incident former Chief Minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah was seen slapping an aide in a video clip that has drawn huge criticism online. The incident occurred at the Mysuru airport.

According to Mr Siddaramaiah’s aide, the man “tried to push a phone to his ear and wanted him to talk to some official to put in a word for him”. It was then that the Congress leader grew irritated, said the aide.

The 71-year-old politician is known for his quick temper. A few months ago, he was on camera misbehaving with a woman Congress worker who had come to him with a complaint about the local MLA. The woman was demanding answers from him when, in a fit of anger, he shouted at her and snatched her mic, accidentally pulling her dupatta.

He later said he only wanted to stop the woman from going on and on and that she was “like my sister”.

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