Congress Working Committee rejects Rahul Gandhi’s offer to step down

The Congress Working Committee (CWC) which consists of 52 office bearers held a meeting on Saturday, and unanimously rejected Rahul Gandhi's resignation as the president of Indian National Congress (INC).

Mr. Gandhi who took the job from his mother, Sonia Gandhi over a year and half ago offered to resign taking the responsibility of the loss in the Lok Sabha polls that just concluded.

It's reported that Mr. Gandhi said, "We have to continue our fight. I am and will remain a disciplined soldier of the Congress and continue to fight fearlessly. But I do not want to remain the party president. It is not necessary that the president should be from Gandhi family."

The meeting that ran for over four hours, and it's being reported that his mother Sonia Gandhi and sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra tried to pursue Rahul Gandhi to rethink and finally left the decision to him.

Meanwhile, the CWC passed a resolution and accepted the people's mandate in the Lok Sabha polls, and passed another resolution to work under the leadership of Mr. Gandhi and authorized him to take restructure the party. The party's senior leaders said that the party would conduct a "thorough introspection" in the months ahead.

Social media stands with Rahul Gandhi as his resignation was rejected