Congress – “Why Are Rafale Papers In Parrikar’s Bedroom?”

The Congress party put out an audio recording of a Goa BJP minister quoting the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar saying that files related to the Rafale jet deal were in the Chief Minister's bedroom in Goa.

The voice in the audio claimed by the Congress party was of  Goa BJP minister Vishwajit Rane, the conversation goes like -

Vishwajit Rane - (commenting on the Chief Minister's statement) "made a very interesting statement, that I have all the information of Rafale in my bedroom" 

Other Person (unknown) - "What are you saying!"

Vishwajit Rane - "You can cross-check with somebody you are close to in the cabinet. This is something he said, that means he is holding them to ransom. He said it is in my bedroom here only in my flat, each and every document on Rafale."

Rane said that the tape was doctored and that Mr. Parrikar never made any reference to the Rafale deal.

Manohar Parrikar was Union Defence Minister when the deal for 36 Rafale jets was signed between India and France. From March 2017 he has been the Chief Minister of Goa, in recent months he had been seriously unwell after being diagnosed with a pancreatic ailment.

The opposition and the people from Goa had called for a replacement as the bureaucracy's tumbled down in Parrikar's absence.

(the pigeon express couldn't verify the authenticity of the tape)

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