Congress Triumphs In Chhattisgarh

The Congress party swept 60+ seats of the 90 assembly seats in the Chhattisgarh elections. The three-term Chief Minister Raman Singh of the BJP accepted defeat and took responsibility of the loss.  The Raman Singh Govt was in power in the state for 15 years.

The Congress has at least three Chief Ministerial candidates, State party chief Bhupesh Baghel, Leader of the Opposition in the dissolved Assembly T.S. Singh Deo and the lone MP from the State Tamradhwaj Sahu. The Congress would choose a strong man who would help them better numbers in the Lok Sabha Elections in 2019.

Mr. Baghel is credited with having run an aggressive campaign and bringing a divided house into order.  He was recognised when he pushed out the Ajit Jogi faction out of the Congress.

The Congress Party observers will visit the state and meet the local leadership, and consult with national leaders before it decides who their CM would be.


Below were the highlights during the course of the day.

The live blog for the Chhattisgarh Elections has been halted as the Congress sweeps the state.

The BJP is down and dusted , the final results will be uploaded by end of day.

Chhattisgarh 90 Seats / 46 Majority

Updated: 10:47 AM IST

The Congress maintains the lead in Chhattisgarh and they crossed the halfway mark.

The Raman Singh Government was over confident, but the reality on ground was something different.

Chhattisgarh 90 Seats / 46 Majority

Updated: 10:10 AM IST

The Congress will win Chhattisgarh 

Chhattisgarh 90 Seats / 46 Majority

Updated: 9:18 AM IST

The Congress is leading in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh 90 Seats / 46 Majority

The results for the Chhattisgarh assembly elections are set to be declared today. The fate Raman Singh's, CM ambitions for a second term is in imbalance.