Congress Parliamentary Party meet to elect Sonia Gandhi as chief of CPP

The Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP) met on Saturday to conduct the “postmortem” of the Lok Sabha elections that concluded a week back and also elect it’s new chairperson.

They meet at a crucial time when Rahul Gandhi is insistencing to step down as Congress president, and also take full responsibility of the loss.

The first meeting of the newly-elected Lok Sabha MPs and members of the Upper House will be attending the CPP which is chairpered by Sonia Gandhi. Ms. Gandhi was re-elected as chairperson of the CPP, however, the role of Rahul remains unclear at the moment.

Another interesting question doing the rounds are for Rahul to be leader of the Congress in Lok Sabha. It’s also being talked about that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met with Mr. Gandhi on Friday at his residence to convince him to continue as Party chief.

The Congress won just 52 of 542 parliamentary seats this time, its second worst performance since 2014 election. The party is three members short of the total that would qualify it for the post of Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha.

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