Congress has the edge in Madhya Pradesh

The Congress and the BJP are still fighting it out in Madhya Pradesh. No party has gained majority.

The Congress party has the edge, if combined with the others (BSP+SP).

The existing Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh has still not tendered his resignation or claimed defeat. Even after a 15 year rule in the MP the BJP has great performance.

The vote share of the major parties is neck-to-neck.

If the Congress comes to power it has a problem to choose a Chief Minister. You have one from the old guard Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia who represents the youth. Like Rajasthan too, the Congress have two strong and able Chief Ministerial faces.

Only tomorrow or days from today you would get to know who would actually form the Government in Madhya Pradesh. An eye to eye battle.

Below were the highlights during the course of the day.

(the live blog has been halted, please stay tuned for updated results by end of day)

Madhya Pradesh still remains a close fight, the BJP has seen a sudden surge of seats. Will Shivraj Singh Chauhan remain the Chief Minister for the fourth term?

The smaller parties surely have the option to pick either Congress or BJP if none get a majority. Who will they side?

Madhya Pradesh 230 Seats / 116 Majority
BJP Cong Others

Updated 11:59 AM IST

A ball by ball match in Madhya Pradesh, trends project Congress and BJP both at 92.

If none get a majority will Mayawati's BSP support Congress or BJP?

Madhya Pradesh 230 Seats / 116 Majority
BJP Cong Others

Updated 9:52 AM IST

The BJP stronghold Malwa breaks away in Madhya Pradesh, after 15 years of BJP rule in MP.

Madhya Pradesh 230 Seats / 116 Majority
BJP Cong Others

Updated 9:30 AM IST

The BJP is fighting back in Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh 230 Seats / 116 Majority
BJP Cong Others


A neck to neck fight between Congress and BJP in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh 230 Seats / 116 Majority
BJP Cong Others


The results for the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections are set to be declared today. The fate Shivraj Singh Chauhan CM ambitions for a fourth term is in imbalance.

Meanwhile the Congress had made a lead in the Exit polls but failed to make a majority.