Congress Chief Minister Troubles

The Congress party just crawled till the finish line in the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, but failed to cross it. With the support of the BSP and the SP the Congress will form government in these states. Instead of negotiating with allies SP and BSP the party is busy diffusing the CM fight within.

It's over 48 hours since the result came out, but the Congress party still haven't chosen or declared a Chief Minister.

The national president of the Congress party Rahul Gandhi will have discussions with his mother Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and other senior Congress leaders in New Delhi before they finally announce who will be Chief Minister in these states.


The Congress party have two options young, dynamic Sachin Pilot and senior Ashok Gehlot. Both these party leaders have their supporters cheering for them all day outside the party headquarters.

Both of them have worked fantastically to get the party wherever it reached, but it's obvious both can't enjoy the fruit, just one will.

Supporters of Sachin Pilot blocked roads and were protesting, they demanded Sachin be made the Chief Minister.

Madhya Pradesh

In the state of Madhya Pradesh too the Congress party have two choices for Chief Minister. From the old guard you have Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia leading the young brigade .

Scindia has publicly stated that he would be happy to serve as Chief Minister. In a meeting today the Gandhi women Priyanka and Sonia have sided with Kamal Nath.

Rahul Gandhi has a tough choice to make, you can't keep everyone happy. Since the Congress party were not able to get a majority in both the states all by themselves, it's most likely that the old guard will get the job.

The Congress party would want to project a younger Congress in the lead to 2019 general elections, so Mr. Gandhi will keep Pilot and Scindia's closer to him in Delhi.