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Commentator conducts Zoom meeting with pet dogs to review their annual performance

The video conferencing app Zoom is an office essential these days. From talking about a company’s weekly progress to the daily performance of the employees, everyone is dependent on video conferencing apps. In such a situation, Scottish sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter has also decided to use the Zoom calls, however, for a completely different reason.

The BBC commentator decided to have some fun and made a parody account of Zoom office video calls. However, the stars of the meeting were not usual employees, but his pet dogs – Olive and Mabel.

The trio sat down for a “company meeting”, talking over the “performance” of the two pets. While both Olive and Mabel seem uninterested in the call, Cotter tries to talk business to them. One can hear the commentator saying, “This is one of the things that we have to address, the lack of focus at times”.

He also discussed their “annual reports”, mentioning that they have “pretty much ruined the sofas. 913 squirrels chased, none caught, so not a good return”.

“Still having the company meetings online,” Cotter captioned the hilarious video.