Colorado father found guilty of killing son in ‘rage’ after the boy found embarrassing pictures of him

A father in Colorado was found guilty of killing his son in a fit of rage after the boy found pictures of him wearing a red bra and eating feces from a diaper.

Mark Redwine, 59, was convicted by a unanimous jury on Friday and was found guilty on charges of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in the 2012 death of his son Dylan Redwine.

He faces up to 48 years in prison for the murder conviction and his sentencing hearing is scheduled for October 8.

Redwine was indicted in 2017 in connection with the disappearance of Dylan, 13, who was reported missing on November 19, 2012 while on a court-ordered Thanksgiving visit to his father’s home outside the city of Durango.

‘This has been an extremely difficult case for everybody involved. It has been difficult for the parties, for the attorneys, for their staff, and difficult for the families and the entire community,’ the judge said before the verdict was read.

‘This case has taken a lot of resources from the entire state as well as La Plata County. The planning to get this case to go as well as it did was extensive.’

The judge added: ‘Emotions are running very high from both sides, however this is a court of law. I expect everyone in this courtroom to behave appropriately.’

Dylan Redwine’s remains were found a few miles from his father´s home in 2013, and hikers found his skull in 2015.

A forensic anthropologist, Diane France, testified that Dylan suffered a fracture above his left eye. Two marks on the boy´s skull were likely caused by a knife or sharp tool at or near the time of death, France said.

Fred Johnson, special deputy district attorney, told jurors that investigators found traces of Dylan´s blood in Redwine´s living room and that a cadaver-sniffing dog alerted them to the smell of human remains in the back of Redwine´s truck and on his clothing.

Redwine was arrested in Bellingham, Washington following a grand jury indictment in 2017. At the time, prosecutors said ‘compromising photographs’ were a point of contention between Redwine and Dylan.