Colorado: At least five injured in shooting outside party in Aurora

At least five people aged between 16 to 20 were wounded outside a party in Colorado.

Aurora police are working to identify a suspect or suspects and no arrests have been made.

Police said all the victims are males and are expected to survive their injuries.

The shooting occurred around midnight Sunday.

Arriving officers found two gunshot victims at the scene and they were transported to the hospital.

Three other victims self-transported and showed up at the hospital soon after.

The department said officers arriving on scene encountered a large crowd of people leaving the area who are believed to have been attending a party.

It’s unclear at this time if the shooting is connected to that party.

The shooting happened down the street from the Dayton Street Opportunity Center, where city and state leaders met on Monday to discuss shootings like these.

Sunday’s shooting follows the one at Nome Park on November 15 and the one at the Hinkley High School parking lot days later. A total of nine teens were injured in both shootings.