Coffee shop invoice describes 2-year-old customer ‘Terrifying’

A family in New Zealand who decided to visit a coffee shop over the weekend with a 2-year-old girl was left shocked and insulted after she asked for the invoice of the order they placed, suspecting that they were being overcharged.

Instead of mentioning the table name or the name of any of the family members, the receipt instead described the toddler as a “terrifying kid”. The employee at the coffee shop typed “Fam w the terrifying kid”.

Taking to Facebook, the woman, Kimberley Sze, shared the picture of the receipt that she was given by Coffee Supreme Welles Street in Christchurch. She slammed the receipt as “disrespectful” and call out the staff of the coffee shop for “intentionally overcharging” them.

“Hey Coffee Supreme NZ you might want to train your staff at Coffee Supreme Welles Street a little better. Writing “family with the terrifying kid” on our ticket AND intentionally overcharging us… nice one. We come almost every weekend and my daughter is nothing but polite and friendly and we’ve never left a mess. She’s never been a terror, never had a meltdown, never caused any problems and the same people working today always comment on how cute and sweet she is, so what the actual f?

We just walked out before even getting our food because this is some disrespectful bullshit. We showed one of your staff the ticket and said we didn’t appreciate it and he didn’t say a word.

You lost some regulars today”

Coffee Supreme later extended apology “publicly” and also offered her a full refund for the meal that the family had ordered. The employee in question was sent on a forced leave.