Cockroach turns overnight celebrity after being clicked inside White House

In an awkward incident, a cockroach was photographed inside the White House during a press briefing this week.

The trespassing roach was captured on camera by White House correspondent Brian J Karem who posted the image on Twitter, it seems, at the expense of President Donald Trump himself.

The image of the roach drew several hilarious reactions on social media, even as the mood in the US remained somber. With over 1.8 million positive COVID-19 cases and over 81,000 deaths, several parts of the US remain under lockdown, even as the economy continues to nosedive.

Amid the crisis, the photo of the roach, however, managed to bring some cheer on social media, but mostly at the expense of Trump.

This is not the first time that cockroaches have come in the news in connection to the White House. In 2017, it was widely reported that the building was heavily infested with cockroaches, rats and mice and even ants.