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Cockfight rooster that accidently killed its owner to be produced in court

A knife tied to the leg of the bird accidentally cut into the groin of Thanugulla Satish. The incident occurred at Lothunur village on February 22 when the man brought the rooster for an illegal cockfight.

Satish, 45, was injured when the ‘kodi kathi’, the knife tied to a rooster’s leg for cockfight is called, cut into his groin. The profusely bleeding man was rushed to a hospital, where he was declared brought dead.

After the inquest, the police brought the rooster to the Gollapalli police station, where it was kept and looked after by the police personnel. They also arranged food for it.

Local news channels reported that the police ‘arrested’ the rooster, showing visuals of the bird tied at the police station. The police, however, denied that the rooster was arrested or under police custody.

“We will produce the rooster in court and follow the direction of the judge as to what to do next,” the station house officer B. Jeevan said.

Though cockfights are banned in the state groups of people secretly organise such events. In such cockfights, specially-bred roosters are made to fight against each other with small knives or blades tied to their legs.

Punters bet lakhs of rupees on the fights which often end with the death of one of the two birds, while a large number of people watch the bloody sport which they consider a part of their tradition.