Cleo Smith: Police search missing four-year-old girl’s home for second time

Police conducted a second search of the family home of missing Western Australian girl Cleo Smith, leaving with what appeared to be at least one brown bag of evidence.

The eight-hour forensic search, which included a heavy focus on the backyard, was a routine part of the investigation which has now entered its 12th day, police said.

After a forensics team arrived, they were escorted inside the home by Cleo's stepfather, Jake Gliddon, later an officer left the Carnarvon home with an evidence bag.

Police spent hours searching the home of little Cleo Smith after she vanished without a trace. It is the second time police have visited the home in four days

On Saturday, police were closely examining a brown front fence of the property and the backyard.

Police are still searching for a car seen leaving the area where the four-year-old went missing on October 16.

Cleo vanished from her family tent at the Blowholes Campsite, around 70 kilometres north of Carnarvon.

Ms Smith, Cleo's mum, said she last saw her daughter at 1.30am, when the young girl woke up and wanted a drink of water.

By 6:00am, Ms Smith said Cleo had gone.

Cleo's sleeping bag was also missing and a zip on the tent was raised higher than the small girl could have reached, raising fears she had been abducted.

Days of searching along the coastline and stark scrubland have yielded no clues as to what happened.

Police have no suspects and no major leads, at least publicly.

They are now trawling through CCTV trying to find anyone leaving the area at the time of her disappearance.

In an effort to track a potential abductor, police have requested CCTV from a 1000 kilometre radius from Carnarvon, a small town of 4400 people on the WA coast.